With the Banter Intelligent Conversation Platform, you can provide a consistent conversational customer experience (that’s a mouthful!) everywhere your customers want to talk with you.


The Intelligent Conversation Platform gives you the power to automatically deploy a single application to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, chatbots, mobile apps, and more.


Our best-practice driven design and development builds flexible conversation models that give customers the answers they need, no matter how they ask the question.

Robust NLP

Our linguistic natural language processing model captures the relevant information from what customers say.

User Friendly

Learning curve? Feh. The Banter process includes user needs research and usability testing. When your conversation app goes live, your customers will quickly learn how to use it.


With Banter’s conversation design, architecture, and development experts, you’ll have intuitive, robust voice interactions that engage your customers and make the most of conversational AI technology.


Does a smart speaker app make sense for your organization? Will conversation change your customer care processes? Banter helps you answer these questions.


We design conversations that meet your customers at their point of concern and guide them to a solution. This engages them with your brand and builds trust in your organization.

Develop and Deploy

Our development process leverages the Banter Intelligent Conversation Platform to ensure that your conversation application is robust, multi-platform, and maintainable.


Banter is a preferred partner of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Banter also joins forces with Macquarium for their clients’ conversation apps.

Start the Conversation.

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