Happy Good News at Banter

– This post is from our CEO Susan Hura.

Celebrations all around at Banter this week!

Although Eric Holcombe has been with us for many months, today we are officially welcoming Eric as Banter’s Chief Operating Officer. We’ve already been benefiting from Eric’s deep experience in professional services, IT strategy, and SaaS, so we’re glad to finally get the job title in line with his expertise. I’m so grateful for Eric’s ability to instantly form meaningful relationships with clients and partners, his willingness to roll up his sleeves and make things happen, and his apparently perpetual cheerfulness (are you ever grouchy, Eric??)

We’re also officially welcoming TL Tan to the Banter team as VP of Business Development in Asia. Tan has a wealth of experience and so when we needed advice clients, partners, and investors in Asia, Tan was the first person Simon recommended (full disclosure: they’ve been friends since elementary school). I’m pleased to officially welcome Tan to the team and I look forward to working together to develop business in the Asia market.

Finally, this week marks Banter Technology’s one year anniversary and I’m a bit sentimental about it. I chose the name “Banter” several years ago, and I’ve been saving it for something I really cared about. I am so fortunate that Banter Technology has lived up to my hopes and more. I am proud of the company we’re building, the relationships we’re forming with partners and clients, and the good work we’re putting out into the world every day. I wouldn’t want to do it with any other team.

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