Our Design Is Invisible…And That’s Good

We’re in the third week since our launch customer Vet24Seven / Ask.Vet released MyPetDoc. Over 100 reviews, and we’re still averaging 4.9 stars:


Yay us, and yay Ask.Vet. But there’s more to this story besides “everyone loves the app”… the really cool part is that none of the reviewers are talking about the design.

Does it seem counterintuitive for a team that prides itself on world-class conversational app design to be happy about not being mentioned? Actually, we couldn’t be happier. Here’s the reason why:

Great design is seamless. When a design serves its purpose, the user experiences no friction. Stuff just works. And consequently, users don’t notice the design…they just know their needs are being met.

In others’ words, great design is 99% invisible. And we’re overjoyed that we hit the mark for our customer, and their users don’t even notice the design. Ask.vet had a fantastic idea for a conversational app. We designed the conversational interactions to realize their concept in a way that was usable and frictionless for people who needed who have questions about their pets’ health.

You don’t need to take our word about the invisibility of great design. Just read the reviewers’ comments (we did – every single one of them…). It becomes abundantly clear that, despite the challenges that accompany effective conversational design, MyPetDoc’s users experienced little to no friction. They were able to accomplish their goals without the conversation getting in the way. Here are just a few reviewer quotes that demonstrate this:

I was very pleasantly surprised with how well this works! Going to the vet is never a cheap adventure, and it was amazing to be able to speak to a vet about my concerns nearly immediately rather than trying to make an appointment if I don’t need one.


It’s nice to have an option to check with a vet professional regarding my pets care without making a live appointment. My vet is so busy an appointment is two weeks out and if I need to be seen sooner I have to go to the emergency vet and pay over $100 to walk in the door. It’s not convenient to make an appointment during working hours and the animals hate the trip. This app is much more convenient and conducive to my lifestyle. And I can get faster treatment for my pets.


Wouldn’t you know it. 11:00pm on Wednesday night and my pug is super itchy and will not calm down. I had two options; Pack everyone up and head to the emergency vet or try this skill. I opted to try this skill and I am so happy I did!

First, the Alexa skill was clear and articulate. ‘She’ asked me about the type of pet I have, what type of dog he was, his age, and what the reason for contacting them was. Then ‘she’ further asked about his diet, his regularity, and any other possible issues. The skill mentioned that a recent change in treats might be causing this, but that was just something to explore. ‘She’ then asked if I wanted to speak to a vet for a nominal fee. It was MUCH less expensive that an ER visit, so I agreed.

Within 5 minutes, I was contacted by a member of the customer support staff clarifying the information gathered by the app. She updates the notes and then connected me with the veterinarian. I spent about 15 minutes speaking to the veterinarian, who was extremely thorough and compassionate. I could tell she was genuinely concerned for my pug’s health and together we came up with a plan.


I love MyPetDoc!!!! I have used the service twice – one time for each of my beagles after each had a GI issue. Each time the veterinarians that called me were so incredibly knowledgeable, kind and helpful. They both spent quite a bit of time with me and I truly felt I got my money’s worth. Both times I was saved a more costly (and stressful for my beagles who hate the car) trip to the vet in person.

C. Anne

Good stuff. We’re happy to be the invisible piece of the service that connects owners of pets in distress with medical advice and care.


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