Customers Ask Hard Questions

Many voice and conversational applications are designed with the assumption that customers come to the interaction with a fully-formed idea of what they want… and that they can describe it concisely. But customers don’t always reach out with a fully-formed intent. Or maybe they understand the issue but don’t know how to describe it to you.

Conversational Triage Handles Hard Questions

Well-crafted conversational applications provide your customers with relevant and frustration-free responses. Conversational triage takes customers from problem to solution. Banter’s conversational triage model lets your customers get to the right answer even when they can’t describe it or don’t know exactly what their issue is.

Millions of Smart Speakers & Voice Digital Assistants

Smart speakers are being adopted faster than the Internet and smart phones. At the end of 2018, 21% of adult Americans had at least one smart speaker. Growth in voice digital is picking up across the globe as well. Soon, nearly every home will have at least one smart speaker or a device with an embedded voice digital assistant. Conversational apps aren’t just on your Amazon Echo or Google Home – they live on your phone, TV, car… the list goes on.

Banter’s Intelligent Conversation Platform ensures that your organization’s conversational AI is consistent across Alexa, Google Assistant, chatbots, mobile apps, and more.

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